He is the founder and creative head of BBS. He creates vacations, excuses for vacations and reasons to help animals to actually nurse his obsession to collect pets.

Since he has a capable business manager/co-founder (Irshad Ali Khan), Tauseeq micro manages the company.

Starting his career at age seventeen as an English language newscaster from Radio Pakistan, moving on as an FM radio host, TV anchor and live TV host, doing endless live TV anchorage and key transmissions including Pakistan Day and Independence Day telecasts and being an international communication media trainer…have not caused much harm.

He remains to be a free spirit, equally liked by animals and children.

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Many years ago, a young lad trudged down the hills of Swat, pulled not by city lights but it’s sounds on the air. He was awe stricken by the wave of FM radio.

A producer and a marketer by heart, he fell into step with Tauseeq Haider and had a brilliant idea. What if there was a box and it had sounds too!

After years, the dream has come true many a time. He is the only business manager who can sing, dance, hold a camera, set lights, direct and produce, arrange dazzling events and do the marketing gimmick on the side.

Besides many, he has to his credit launching Pakistan’s first Transmedia campaign for BBS and for spreading the sound of EDM as the Mad Decent Block Party, Islamabad.

With all these talents, it is quite natural to develop skills like arranging food for pets, cancelling duplicate vacations and carrying a backpack for the next inevitable trip.